Monday, April 11, 2011

Female Focus Alert!!

Ok, so what about PMS and Paleo?  This post is geared a little more towards the female population, but I can't be the only woman out there following a Paleo diet that has questions about menstrual cycles.  I’m specifically interested in the cravings that materialize before and during that wonderful present women get once a month.  

I love chocolate.  Like, I LOOOOOOVE chocolate.  And when I’m PMSing, I function better on chocolate bars.  Hubby knows.  When Wifey gets cranky, give her a Snickers Bar.  If ONLY they grew on trees and I could forage for them in Golden Gate Park.  If only.

But seeing as how they don’t, and I can’t (shaking fist), here are some Paleo options to subdue those seemingly inevitable cravings:

  • Paleo Chocolate Balls.  Oh. My. God.  I got this recipe from the book "Cooking For Health & Performance" by Scott Hagnas, with Robb Wolf and Nicki Violetti.  Although it is Paleo, it does contain agave nectar and because Hubby and I set strict standards for our Paleo Challenge, it is not allowed.  So I can't wait until next month!
  • Dark chocolate, 85% or greater.  It's ok to have a little treat, and although it's not necessarily Paleo, the higher percentage of cacao means much less sugar.  Just don't let it kick you off the wagon.
  • Blackberries (or other berry) mixed with honey.  Pure honey is Paleo (yet again not part of our challenge... damn it), and this makes a nice little treat to help stifle those cravings.
  • Bacon-wrapped dates.  The sweetness of dates combined with the savory taste of bacon.  Yes, please.
  • Homemade coconut milk ice cream.  Yummy and simple:  1 can coconut milk, 2 C fresh fruit (whatever toots your flute), 1 tsp vanilla (optional).  Mix together and put in the freezer for an hour or until desired consistency.
  • Coconut flakes, unsweetened.  It sounds too simple to effectively satisfy those cravings, but they are so yummy!  When I found myself craving sweets tonight, and I couldn't have my usual Paleo treats because they contain natural sweeteners (which are not allowed in our challenge) this did the trick!

These are the PMS snacks I typically enjoy while following my less strict Paleo diet.  Next month I'm going to try to create a Paleo Snickers Bar.  I'm convinced it will work.  We shall see.

- Wifey (obviously)

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